Access multiple targeted sites using a single query and review a single combined list of ranked results

OpenText Federated Query Server is a powerful federated search solution for unifying queries to multiple internal and external information sources - including content management systems, document management systems, intranets, and the Internet.

It is often necessary to search these information sources separately, with a different interface and search syntax for each. Many resources are underutilized because employees do not know how to access them or do not even know they exist. Employees waste time finding information instead of putting it to use.

Federated Query Server from OpenText solves this problem by integrating web-compatible content repositories. It broadcasts a user's query to multiple search-enabled information sources, merges and sorts the query results, and returns a single ranked list. The benefits include reduced time spent on searches, improved productivity, and unlimited access from any location.


  • Improve user productivity
  • Increase search breadth
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs

In Brief

  • Search across multiple repositories
  • Display results on one page and in one format
  • Sort results and merge duplicates
  • Group results by content or location
  • Handle multiple authentication schemes
  • Integrate with existing systems and interfaces
  • Centralized administration with no coding

Federated Query Server represents a valuable first step toward a unified information management system for your organization.


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  • Web Search

    Six general purpose Web search engines

  • Social Search

    Four social media sites, grouping results by source

  • News Search

    Five TV and newspaper sites, sorting results by date

  • Health Search

    Nine sites containing health and medical information